Friday, July 17, 2015

Here comes the baggage!

Everyone has emotional baggage that we bring to every relationship. Some people's baggage is right out for everyone to see while others you really have to look for. Being in a relationship is all about learning, understanding and accepting that person's baggage. In most second or third marriages there is some sort of baggage and it is important to bring that up with your significant other. 

The divorce rate in the United States has been up and down for years with more and more reasons for divorce added to the list with every passing year. At first, divorce was only legal in the United States for one of three reasons, adultery, abuse or alcohol abuse. Now, there doesn't even have to be a reason! Well, here is my little two sense on it. A marriage is between a man, a woman and God. Let me rephrase that, a successful marriage is between a man, a woman and God. Most marriages can work if those three things are in it. Statistics show that most people can fix a marriage if they stick it out for another 2-5 years. Every marriage has their rough patches, but as long as the Lord is with your marriage they will come and go.

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