Friday, July 17, 2015

Continuing education after children...

I am not the least bit ashamed to tell people that I plan on being a stay at home mom when I get married. Most people hear that and question why I am even getting an education if that is what I plan on doing. Well, newsflash people! You can still be a mom and do something with your education. I do plan on not working when I have children, but that doesn't mean that I am not planning on working after they are gone or when they are all older and in school. My goal has been to find something that I can receive an education in and still have time to be there for my children, whether its running a small business on the side or having a backup plan if anything were to happen to my husband. 

For an assignment we were asked to read an article about how a mom keeps up her educational enlightenment even though she is a full time mother. There are so many resources out there from listening to podcasts, reading magazines, taking a class or seminar, joining book clubs and so much more for moms who are looking to continue to educate themselves. I also am trying to learn as much as I can because I want to be able to pass it onto my children when they are younger. There is so much that a mother can teach their children and it is even argued that we could be the biggest educational impact they will have. 

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