Friday, July 17, 2015

Communication is KEY

This week we have been talking about communication. Having good and wholesome communication is (what I think) THE most important thing in a relationship. You can be the happiest, most beautiful couple in the whole universe, but it won't last long without proper communication. I have learned from my own experiences that sharing feelings (though awkward for some people) can prove very rewarding in a relationship. It not only gets you and your significant other on the same page, but it can relieve a lot of stress. BE HONEST. Nothing ever good comes from lying to your significant other.

Now you can share your feelings all you want, but if you aren't listening to your significant other's feelings than that can be an issue. We talked in class about how we can give off hints to people here or there sometimes without even knowing it. This is known as the "Symbolic Interactions" theory. Everyone does it. However, not everyone knows how to understand when they are being "told" something. It is so very important to be aware of those feelings and hints and to take them into consideration. Nothing is worse than trying to tell someone how you feel or actually coming out and telling them, just to be ignored or disrespected.  So if you take anything from this post remember to share, be honest, and listen. 

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