Sunday, June 7, 2015

Transitions in Marriage

Weddings are something that girls (and some guys) look forward to for years and years. Girls know exactly what kind of dress, ring and flower they want for that day. They already have planned out the place, the music, the food and probably have some perfect "Ken doll" husband in mind when they think about their wedding. But do they think about the days  or years after that day? Are they thinking about the adjustments, the hardships, the fights and the responsibilities of marriage?

When I was younger I will full-heartedly admit I didn't give one thought to that. I figured every day would be magical when I am with the one I love. Not to say that everyday can't be magical after I'm married but I am a realist and I know for a fact that there are days in life that are FAR from magical, especially when in a relationship. Being up here at a LDS college where getting engaged over the weekend is just as typical as a trip to McDonalds with friends, I have seen so many couples go from dating one week, to being engaged and then married the next (slight exaggeration, but kind of not really). Couples will sit and plan every detail of their wedding, but what of their marriage? My teacher asked us this week, "Are you planning for a wedding or a marriage?". I love that idea.

Now, I really do feel like I have no room to lecture on the transitions in marriage considering I am the farthest from having a ring on my finger, but I do know about relationships and working with people and have seen a lot of couples go through this. At church, and in life, we aren't taught about how which flower we use in our wedding  is going to make our marriage a success, we are taught about proper communication and love and how practicing those things can make us successful. We are taught about the principles of the gospel and how if we follow them we can be perfected through Christ. From what I can see, the same goes for marriage. A successful marriage is one that is between you, your significant other and God. 

I know it is easy to sit and think about now, I can only imagine how hard it might be to actually implicate that between me and my future husband. However, it is something that I want to do and look forward to doing with my husband. I know it will be hard to adjust to marriage and I know that there will be hard times with my husband, but I also know that if I keep God in mind throughout my marriage I will be able to be better in every way for my husband. We are taught that through God all things are possible, so through knowing this I want to be the best I can be and in return have the most loving, fun, and supportive marriage I can have with my husband.

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