Sunday, June 14, 2015

Intimacy in Marriage

As we have had our discussions this week, I have really seen the importance of a male and female in a marriage. One point that a student in my class made was how man and woman are physically made to complete each other. I had never really thought of it this way until we talked about other ways that man and woman complete each other. From the physical needs and desires of males and females to the way they think, man and wife are made for each other.

One thing that we talked about in our class was how important it is to be aware of your spouse's needs. I think that being selfless is something that is key to an important marriage. We learn that in order to be more like Christ, we need to be selfless and love unconditionally which is exactly what we should be doing in a marriage. Being aware of how you can help to love, care for, appreciate and validate your spouse's feelings will not only make your partner happier, but it will increase their love for you also.

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